Bringing Manygolf to iOS, Android & Steam(?)

Experiments in distribution

Component-based game development in Pearl

Some notes on how I implemented the Component pattern in my new game framework

Adventures in deploying web games

In which I get sick of Nginx

How to scale a <canvas>

A problem that's way harder than it should be!

Cached canvas rendering

One weird trick to improve your render() function's execution time!

Why I think Webpack is the right approach to build pipelines

Manygolf and TypeScript (Part 1: Build Pipeline)

A summary of the long and arduous road to setting up a TypeScript + Babel + Webpack build system.

Manygolf, a multiplayer golf game

Some architectural notes on my newest project.

Bipp, A Music Game Engine

New year, new game.

Starfields and spaghetti state

In which sick-nasty level transitions are added, but at what cost to our intrepid coder's sanity?